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tv   Washington State of the State  CSPAN  January 26, 2019 5:56pm-6:30pm EST

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that he was an attorney in private practice. representative antonio delgado prior toan attorney his election. he had a brief career as a rapper, releasing one album. max rose was elected to represent the 11th district, which includes a staten island and southern brooklyn. he previously served in the u.s. army, including leading a platoon in afghanistan, where he was wounded by an ied. representative joseph morelle he joined the house a few weeks ahead of his classmates after theing both his seat in 116th congress and an election ito to fill the late louise slaughter's seat. orellessman m previously served including five years as majority leader. , new leaders, watch it on c-span.
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of the statete address, washington's governor outlines goals for college affordability and getting more consular's and mental health professionals in schools. [applause] thanknslee: thank you, you rabbi for your inspiring words. thank you sergeant for the beautiful rendition of the anthem and for your service in our army national guard. i would like to extend a warm welcome to former governor terry lockyer today.
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thank you for your leadership. [applause] and i would like to welcome the new legislators who have stepped up to serve the people of this state. i want to congratulate your families, who are now going to be part of your adventure. , would like to thank my wife trudy. family has been a part of this adventure for 30 years. thanks to my family. [applause]
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gov. insley: i am so pleased to note a couple of historic firsts in u.s. legislature. the people of washington have elected the first native american woman to the house. [applause] gov. inslee: they have elected the first refugee to the legislature. [applause] gov. inslee: it's really heartening to stand here and look out at the faces that reflect the diversity of our state.
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we can all be proud of these firsts. madame chief justice, distinguished justices of the court, members of the legislature, tribal leaders, state and local government officials, most importantly, my fellow washingtonians. we gather in a place that tells much of our washington story. they, we come together from across the state, from the rolling hills of the palu's, to the coastal rocks of the push. to find inspiration for the work we do. today, as we reflect on our 2018 successes, we look ahead to 2019 and offer a rallying cry to build this new and enduring chapter that is the profound story of washington state. reflects already
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optimism and strength. as washington's leaders, we carry an obligation to never be satisfied with how far we have come. this was embodied in what bruce lee, a washington actor and philosopher martial artist, said. he said "there are no limits, there are only plateaus. you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." he was right. our state history offers example after example of leaders willing to do more and be more. even after they toppled barriers and shattered expectations. did bill gates and paul allen stop after forever changing the
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world of personal computing? no. if?"kept asking "what it not only built them the landscape of the technological world, but deep into science, medical research, a culture redefined. what giving back means. if steve gleason, one of the best cougars out there, stopped after he blocked that punt during that famous 2006 new orleans saints game. no. theress just awarded steve congressional gold medal for his advocacy for people with als. something he works towards every single day. -- works with every single day. after she redirected her life while serving time in prison to mushy earned a prestigious fellowship. told she couldn't fulfill her ultimate dream of being a
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lawyer. she appealed to the state's's highest court so she can take the bar exam. today, she practices law and helps others with a second chance after incarceration. we are glad she can be here today. [applause] they call on us because they remind us we have the same promise to greatness. in 2019, we are again poised to be more and do more. we have accomplished much
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already. all of it, everything we have done, brings us to a new tipping point. today offers us two choices. reflect on the success of our current story and decide we have done enough? up to writewe rise one of the worthiest chapters of our time and tell future generations who we are? the we have a compost much, we still face challenges that require us to push further. the top of that list is the imminent threat of climate change. our the past few years, state experienced record high temperatures, record low snowpack in some locations, higher ocean temperatures, and higher acidity in our waters.
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historic wildfires blackened our air so much that we had the worst air quality in the world. india, washington state. poolsoke shutdown outdoor and impacted all of us. forcing kids and adults to stay inside to protect their health. scientists say if we don't act now, this will become the norm. a permanent degradation of what we love, our magnificent state. i don't know of any other issue that touches the heart of so many of the things we all care about, our jobs, health,, and safety in our children's future. it doesn't have to be our future. science affirms the necessity of action this day. this is the 11th hour.
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it is washington state's hour to shine. it's a time of great peril. it is also a time of great promise. clean energy and low carbon technologies are increasingly competitive in the marketplace. is cleaner,rings cheaper, better fossil feel alternatives every day. this innovation benefits our rural economies as much as urban and suburban economies. last year, i helped cut the ribbon for our state's largest solar array that was drawn by senator schussler. it was to celebrate the good paying jobs that project brings to that community. these kinds of jobs have propelled our clean energy sector to go more than twice as staffed as the rest of our economy. there is no greater job opportunity than the opportunity
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of clean energy. it's why a historic alliance of labor and communities of color have joined in conservation and environmental groups to push for climate action. looking at the many new faces in this chamber today, i can say that i am more optimistic than ever about the clean energy future we have built together. towill pass legislation transition to 100% clean electricity in washington. [applause] transform our buildings with cost-saving efficiencies, and modernize and electrify our transportation system. we will phase down the super pollutants and phase in cleaner fuels. of our, nearly all
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electricity will come from clean solar instead of fossil fuels. you will save money on lighting and heating costs because homes and businesses will be much more energy efficient. it means our transportation system will be the cleanest in the u.s. we will power it with clean electricity and clean feuls. combined, these policies will steeply cut emissions. it is taking about 3 million cars off of our roads. this transformation has started. we need to do more. we need to do it bigger. we need to do it faster. when your grandchildren ask what you did to protect them from climate change, you will be able to tell them that you were not sitting around saying it was someone else's problem. you take action.
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that is who we are in the state of washington. it's going to feel really good to be part of this solution. it will feel really good to make history this year for clean energy in washington. [applause] the historic chapter we need to write is in mental health. while we have taken significant steps to improve our physical health, in middle school schools we can improve our mental health care efforts. we need to transform behavioral health from a system that responds to crisis to one that helps people before they reach crisis.
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one who has loved waited too long for the right type of treatment, we know this challenge is urgent. our families and friends are suffering. we can do much better. we must find room for hundreds of people at new community-based facilities. patients receive services in places close to their families. their homes, places of worship, in the community. we must also expand our professional workforce so patients are treated. that's why i'm proud to pursue a new partnership with the university of washington to toate a teaching hospital serve these patients and use a new curriculum. turn this story around and direct it towards hope. i'm pleased with the beginning
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of a bipartisan effort to do just that. we will create a story this year about a holistic model for behavioral health that encompasses the family, the community, and the promise of timely care. the third thing we need to focus on is saving -- saving the southern resident workers. [applause] despite our task force that was already in place, the event that truly told the story happened last summer. as a motheratched orca carried her dead calf for at least seven days. we saw a mother's grief, we felt it. our hearts broke.
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we shared in her loss. this cannot be their fate. we must make unprecedented investments to save our orcas. [applause] the demise of any species is a warning in our natural system. we have to restore the balance of our ecosystems to sustain ,ermakov -- to sustain orca, seven, and the quality of life for all of us. as the orca go, so do we. we received thousands of calls from people around the world pleading for us to do more. has spentask force hundreds of hours researching the science behind survival.
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we thank you and the members of our task force. [applause] the actions we have to take, such as increasing salmon stocks, decreasing vessel traffic risk, are hard. they are necessary. we have just one last chance to save these orcas. in this perilous moment, we must answer back with action. the fourth issue, one still at the forefront, education. i want to thank everyone in this
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chamber who has been part of the multi-year effort to fully fund basic education. this was an enormously heavy lift that i'm proud we accomplished together last year. this was a remarkable i partisan effort. both parties shared in that success. we have always said we could not stop at basic education. anyone who cares about equity is education, early learning the best way to secure a strong start for every child, regardless of their economic families and circumstances. [applause] we are investing in children
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well before they enter the elementary school classroom for the first time. years, we have nearly doubled the number of children in early learning programs to more than 15,000. there are bills to expand preschools, with a new berth to three preschool programs. we created a statewide referral system to connect families with early learning services and facilities. it will also offer universal home visits, which gives every new parent the opportunity to duringisit from a nurse the first few weeks back home with their newborn to share important information and build confidence. [applause] once these children reach the other end of their education and prepare to graduate from high school, we want to open up as
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many pathways to success as possible. including apprenticeships, certificates, and degrees. for high school students or individuals who seek an experience outside of a four-year program, our career connect washington initiative gives them that option. it links students to real-world experience and what interests them. we know that experience is invaluable. it gives them a better shot when they apply for that first job. my budget will provide 100,000 students over the next 10 years an option to dive into their interests through apprenticeships and paid internships and fall in love with a career even before they graduate. [applause]
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this means more washington students can take advantage of great careers in one of the best economies anywhere. our kids deserve that. [applause] we are also supporting future students who want more education but can't afford it. ishington college promise our new state wide free college program that guarantees state financial aid to eligible students. [applause] we did this because a student's financial challenges should not stand in the way of the pursuit of their dreams. as we grapple with these challenges in our state, we must also confront other sources seeking to undermine our progress.
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during the past two years, we have been challenged by federal actions that appeal more to our darker natures than to our better angels. we know that's not who we are. an evenoing to write brighter chapter of our washington story. we are the state that invests in our people. that's why we are the only state that ranks as the best place to work and do business. what an incredible achievement for the state of washington. [applause] we are the state significantly ramping up efforts to help struggling washingtonians find stable. , affordable housing. .
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i propose using more than $400 million toward chronically homeless individuals, homeless youth, and unsheltered families with children. [applause] are the state offering thousands of people with misdemeanors for marijuana convictions a pardon. [applause] we are the state that will tear down the systemic barriers to work and education faced by people of color, people with disabilities, veterans, and women. initiative 1000 is an approach to do just that. [applause] are the first state to pass a bill requiring net neutrality, which will guarantee free and open internet. [applause]
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we are the state pushing for broadband for washingtonians who want to start a business, further their education, no matter where they live in our state. we are the state that believes women and survivors deserve to be heard. policiesake sure our set the expectation that every employee feels safe and welcome in the workplace. [applause] we are the state that supports a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. i promise you we will always provide reproductive services to women in our state. [applause]
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while too many in washington, d.c. remained in the grips of the nra, we are the state that stands up for commonsense gun safety reform. [applause] we have closed background check
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loopholes, we have band bump stocks, we have protective orders that keep guns away from people in crisis. there is more we can do this session. at the same time, we are making sure students don't worry more about bullying or gun violence than they do about their algebra homework. [applause] we have learned over and over what an impact a caring adult makes in a child's life. when a child is working through issues like depression or bullying or pure rejection. that's why we are putting more social workers, counselors, psychologists, and nurses in our schools. [applause]
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we are the state that put a stop to the death penalty. i hope this legislature acts and definitively to end these practices once and for all. we are the state that updated dead before slots and now require training to help law enforcement officers prevent violence. communities and much of law enforcement came together on this and produced a model for the country on how to have what can be a very difficult conversation. i want to tip my hat to the people involved who helped form these thanks to their leadership. i look forward to signing this bill. [applause]
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while there has been an unprecedented assault on working families, we are the state that protects worker rights. we built the best in the nation paid for medical leave program. we are supporting long-term planning. we will fight for public health options as another step towards health care for all. [applause] while other places close their borders and fear the unfamiliar, the state that opens our communities to immigrants and refugees seeking safety, shelter, and sanctuary.
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[applause] everythe president stokes other opportunity, we are the state that embraces our differences and diversity. i'm proud of the incredible diversity of the people appointing to judicial ventures, boards, commissions, and cabinet agencies. we are the state making sure our government looks like the people it serves. [applause]
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we are the state that passed the voting rights act. through up states barriers to suppress voting, we are the state that passed the nation leading access to democracy package to make sure more people cast their ballots, not fewer. [applause] all this builds towards our promise for greatness. we are constantly refreshed with new ideas, new cultures, ne communitiesw -- new communities, new technologies. we seek out new talent from the world's many pockets. that makes washington stronger. we affirm that diversity is a
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strength, not a weakness. story,e corrective stories of all the stories, from refugees, through vietnam and that ground us in long-standing washington valleys. -- values. i know the things we are proposing this year are not small or easy. havethings in our story not happened through timidity. they have happened because of optimism and because of our past bold actions. good things in our story have happened because we didn't give up. i ask you, which washington story will prevail? the story where we rested on our worlds?
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or the story where we rose up to a goldenand rewrite chapter worthy of our best selves? assure weer will answered our obligation to lead with higher expectations. this chapter will show we made washington better for everyone seeking a fair shot. this chapter will show that we defended the values that we stand for. more than anything, this chapter will show the heart of who we are. we are the people who will always make history. i really believe in the state of washington. i believe our next washington chapter must show that we push the limit, we move beyond that plateau, and we always look for the next beginning. let this be our profound story. let it be bold. most of all, let it make
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history. let's get to work. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> c-span, where history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america'


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